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Alexandra KnightAlexandra Knight

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What is the AK bag that you are carrying now?

The Stephanie in mink matte alligator. It's perfect because it is naturally a crossbody bag, but then I can detach the strap and it serves as the perfect clutch (especially since it has a wallet interior!)

How did you choose the color?

I had always wanted a bag in mink, but I was always distracted by all of the other beautiful colors offered. But, ultimately this bag is all about versatility and the color mink goes with everything and I just love it. I mean, who doesn't? Also, I have found that it ages really well from the oils in your skin etc... so even though it starts off an already beautiful color, it only gets better with age.

What must-have products do you keep inside?

Miracle Skin Transformer Lip Rewind
(It was a gift from my friend, Greggory, and it easily became my favorite thing.)

Small Powder Brush from Facade
(I love this for touching up on the go and throughout the day.)

Tasty Brand Gummy Bears

Small Hair Clips

Louis Vuitton Key Pouch

Barton Perreira Aviator Sunglasses
(These are great because they're black and lightweight instead of the typical silver or gold aviators.)

Alexandra Knight Mini Post-it Case
(Because you never know when you'll need to jot something down.)

Pilot G-Tec-c4 Pen

When and where do you carry your bag?

My Stephanie practically goes with me everywhere because whether I am with my kids and need my hands free or if I am exploring and need a small camera, it always serves me well. And for busy days in Houston when I have a luncheon or dinner party to attend, I can literally just unclip the strap and it makes the absolute perfect clutch.

Napa, London, Paris and Beijing are all on its travel history. It even went on the Great Wall of China with me!

You actually commissioned the designing of the Stephanie.

Can you tell us about this?

I originally had another label's crossbody bag, but it was just too small for me and so misshaped from my having tried to stuff so many things inside. By the time I would put my lipstick, phone and keys inside it was already bursting at the seams. So, I was really looking to get a bag that would be made for me and more functional.

I was so excited for a custom bag, so I ended up going to Alex with my ideas of what I wanted and I let her go from there. It was so fun because I have no doubt in Alex when it comes to bags and I knew that she would completely be able to design the perfect one for me - so much so that I didn't even pick out my interior color!

The Stephanie came out looking fabulous and what is the most fun is seeing it being carried out on the town and knowing that I had a hand in creating something that other people find useful as well; and now it has been to so many different places with so many different people.

Who is Stephanie Cockrell and why do we love her?

Stephanie has been a great client of AK and is uber chic and so naturally when she has an idea...we listen! She has a background in design and through her international exposure of travelling and living overseas as a child, she is an out of the box thinker and not afraid to share her concerns, ideas and creativity with us. Lucky us! Stephanie never ceases to put her family, friends and faith above all else which contributes to why we think she is just so great.

After much time spent serving on numerous boards and committees, Stephanie has narrowed her focus solely on her family and Camp Aranzazu (where she is on the board) instead of wearing her time thin. Camp Aranzazu is located in Rockport, Texas and serves as a getaway for children with special needs. "It is so joyful to see how happy the children are while they are at camp and they are able to accomplish so many things that they never thought possible," Stephanie says.

Stephanie currently resides in Houston, Texas where she is an active mother to her two children Ellie (10) and Harris (8) and wife to husband Ernie.