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Alexandra KnightAlexandra Knight

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What is your Favorite AK Item and why?

I love your luggage tags. They are elegant and no other luggage coming off the conveyor belt has one.

I love the long Corralita, it is so beautiful and goes with everything in my closet!

What are your top 10 latest obsessions and what can you not live without and why?

I am obsessed with having a greenhouse built for Sue so she can get back to her gardening. It is the single most activity that makes her happy.

The book - Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown, a story about the Washington University crew team in the 1930's.

The book - The Billionaire and the Mechanic by Julian Guthrie, a story about two amazing men's relationship and how it has changed sailing and the America's Cup forever.

My new horse, Sax. Spending time jump training centers and grounds me. I always feel like a better person after my time with a horse.

My dog, Max. He is in his dog bed at my feet as I write this. He is the coolest animal on the planet and I wish I could be so cool.

My Kawasaki Mule. I love giving Ranch tours in this beefy vehicle that seats up to six.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy. Vito, Antonio and Crescenzo each own one of the three best boutique hotels in the world along this coastline, they are all good friends, amazing hosts and FUNNY!

One of my Ranch staff members said: "While you may complain about going to exercise, you are always happy you did when it is over."

I love the California Club in downtown Los Angeles. The historic building is meticulously kept, the staff, most of whom have worked there for over 15 years, are kind and professional and Jann McCord is the brightest, most fun and welcoming manager of all time.

The Los Angeles River. This 51 mile water course is being revitalized and the access ways are being redeveloped, which will connect the neighborhoods of Los Angeles from Canoga Park to Long Beach. This major project is a game changer for Los Angeles!

Broccoli from my garden

Lole workout clothing

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

Jillian Dempsey jewelry

Benriner Cook help that makes perfect slices of veggie pasta noodles

AM plyo-metrics beach workout

Porcelain votives from Roost

View of the Boney Ridge Mountains

My dog Max

My horse La Roma

What are your top 5 prized possessions - can be family heirloom, etc

My wife Sue, dog Max and horse Sax. They are my greatest prizes in my life, but maybe not a possession.

Wooden African female bust next to my bed. My mother gave me this heirloom that has been in her family for generations, and I feel she is my protector.

Leather cufflink box that Steven and Connor gave me for my 45th.

Ascot and travelling martini case that Jillian Spaak gave me for my 45th.

Running gloves that my mother-in-law gave me. They are perfect for a morning run on a 10 degree day in Central Park.

My garden

Richard Serra painting

My husband Alex

(hmm not that he is a possession but I can't live w/o him)

My private writing/meditation shed in the back 80

My health

Best Advice you have ever received?

"Be nice!"

"Be careful what you write in an email. You can't erase it, once sent."

"What other people think of you, is none of your business."

Any suggestions my wife gives me are usually right.

"When in doubt, leave it out."

Personal Mantra or quote you tote around with you?

"Always look for the lesson in every experience. If you don't the pattern will repeat itself until you learn it."

"What is now proved was only once imagin'd."

Tell us about how you started the Ranch and how it came to be?

I was inspired by a weeklong hiking/fitness trip I took in 2004. While the physical results were impressive, I gained mental clarity, came home rested and feeling healthier than I had in years. I was convinced that there was tremendous demand for a place where people could go detoxify one's body in a healthy and sustainable way, lose fat, mentally unplug and learn new nutritional habits, all the while spending time in a beautiful natural setting.

I love helping people dramatically improve their health and wellness. I have observed that our program also benefits the guest's family members, friends and business peers. We are literally giving people the tools to live longer more vibrant lives. When I think of the value of helping people achieve greater health and longevity, it warms my heart.

What inspired the New Ranch 4.0?

The inspiration was born out of the requested need from many of our guest's spouses and friends. We respectfully listen to our guest's feedback and they were saying that their spouse or friends could not take a week off from work, be away from the kids for a full week, needed to be more connected to work and home or were slightly intimidated to go to the Ranch full week program. Hence the advent of the R4.0, which begins on a Thursday afternoon and concludes on Monday morning. It has been working very well and the guest results are impressive.

Can anyone do the Ranch? How does one sign up and figure out which program is best for them?

Yes, anyone can do one of The Ranch programs. The key is how long one needs to prepare before attending and in the case of recent surgery or illness, we collaborate with the guest's physician and approval. We have had guests of all ages (14 - 79), shapes, sizes and physical abilities.

What makes the Ranch unique over say Ashram or Cal-a-Vie?

The Ranch staff passionately cares about the detailed personal attention each guest receives in achieving their desired goals and objectives. We also think we make exercising for 8-10 hours per day fun.

There is no downside to participating in any of the Ranch programs. The experience will forever change your life in more ways than you can even imagine.

You are changing peoples lives, can you share a story that made you glad you do what you do?

There are so many stories that warm my heart. We have seen countless people transform their body with over 60 pounds of weight loss within several months. We have seen people who were chronically ill and in need of daily cholesterol, arthritis, diabetic and heart medications, no longer need them (all approved by the guest's doctors).

When a guest has been addicted to cigarettes, fatty diets, diet sweeteners and/or processed sugar for years and kicks the habit, that gives me great satisfaction and pride.

What are two things that most people don't know about you?

I am really quite shy in strange groups and I tend to get teary when speaking from my heart.

I'm a "home body", it's hard to get me to travel, although I'm always happy when I do and we do it often! I require a lot of personal "downtime" to be my best.

What are your beauty essentials?

Epicurean everything including shampoo, conditioner and skin moisturizer.

Sleep, exercise and Epicurean products.

What is your guilty pleasure?

A chilled Ketel One dry martini with three olives.

Italian coffee with raw cream.

Who are Alex, Sue and the Ranch and why do we love them?

I am thrilled to introduce you to The Ranch and the genius powerhouse couple who had the vision and have made getting in shape luxurious and chic. Almost three years ago I wanted to run with my kids and play instead of sitting sluggishly on the park bench thinking about what I should eat next. A friend suggested we do the program at The Ranch and not only did it change my life, but it also allowed me to make amazing friends whom I still cherish.

Before the I went to The Ranch, I would give a big ole eye roll to anyone who ever tried to tell me that they had more energy without caffeine and "needed" exercise in their daily routine, that fries no longer appealed to them and green was the way to go. However, I can now truly say that after doing the program I have become what I used to balk at.

Alex and Sue Glasscock co-founded The Ranch in 2010 (and have launched The Ranch 4.0 too) where 16 people per week experience their intensive (yet luxurious) no-options wellness and nutrition program in order to recalibrate their lives and their futures. Alex and Sue are beautiful souls and enjoy being alongside their guests to offer loads of encouragement and love (I don't think I could have done my first five hour hike without Sue!).

With all of the New Years resolutions being made I thought this would be the perfect time to encourage everyone to look into one of these programs. I have done both, the 7 Day program with one of my best friends who was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer at the time, and the 4.0 program with an 80-year-old dynamic woman who was there with her son...a testament to the fact that you can do anything that you put your mind to and trust me when I say that there is no chicer, or better place to do it at than The Ranch.

Alex and Sue are from Dallas, Texas and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan respectively. They have been married for 20 years and currently reside on the ranch with their two dogs, two goats and two horses.