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Alexandra KnightAlexandra Knight

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Why does Hollye Jacobs love her Hollye?

I love the Hollye because it is my namesake, lovingly created for me by Alexandra. It is the perfect balance between super chic and super efficient.  A crossover bag is my favorite because it is so versatile and comfortable.  The adjustable strap is pure genius because it enables you to carry it under your shoulder or across your body.  I also love the interior pockets! 

What must-have products do you keep inside?

My Smythson journal monogrammed with my blog, The Silver Pen and the year.  After all, I am still a paper girl (and proud of it!)!
My pen case with a Bic-4-color pen and yellow highlighter - because a girl needs colorful options!
A book
Though I have tried reading on the iPad, I just can't do it.  First of all, I can't focus.  Secondly, I love nothing more than buying books in bookstores.  Right now I'm reading "How Doctors Think" A Book by Jerome Groopman - a fabulous book that will help everyone become her own advocate in the health care system! 
Alexandra Knight business card holder for my - well, business cards.  
Clearly I love organization tools! 
(Because I moisturize all day!) 
(Though I technically call it a "fingernail file," emery board sounds more elegant). 
Just in case but I don't think that I've ever used it.  Come to think of it, it is probably expired. Hmmm.
Though I hardly wear makeup, I love a bright lip because it always makes me feel more awake.  The art stick is awesome because it feels like a big cartilage crayon and the color stays on all day! 
Tacha Japanese Beauty Papers to dab the oil from my forehead.  I am a major T-Zoner. 

Any must-have travel items?

My husband finally convinced me to always travel with my Loro Piana black cashmere wrap (because I was always borrowing his jackets because I was cold?!?).  Now it is my perfect travel companion on the plane and on cool evenings out. 
I also stock a Chance Co. (By Julia Leach) small zipper bag with all of my chargers.  I leave it in my suitcase so that it is all ready to go and I don't have to worry about running around gathering (and inevitably forgetting!) chargers. 

What are your favorite apps on your iPhone and why?

The perfect hotel room workout! 
Any and all photo apps!  I love editing in Snapseed and in the spirit of full disclosure, I am a bit obsessed with Instagram.  The silver lining of the obsession is that I get to stay (relatively) connected to friends whom I don't get to see often. 
I also love my Core Power Yoga app because it tells me when my favorite classes are.  Core Power Yoga (a national company) is another obsession and had changed my body and centered me emotionally.

Why do we love the Hollye?

Even though we have introduced the Hollye bag before we thought we needed a refresher.  Not only because it is the most fabulous crossbody and perfect hands free bag for your summer travels but also because we are celebrating the namesake!  Hollye Jacobs, who was the inspiration and muse behind the Hollye design, has accomplished an amazing feat (no surprise to us here of course).  We are over the moon about Hollye's new book "The Silver Lining" listing as #6 on the NY Times best seller list!!!!! 
Hollye has created a beautiful book that chronicles her journey through breast cancer with grace, humor and through her medical expert eyes gifting each reader a laugh, a glimpse into the realities of breast cancer.  Hollye's text is also accompanied by inspiring and beautiful photographic images by Elizabeth Messina and is for anyone whose life has been touched by cancer in any way.


We are so happy for Hollye and mostly for all those women out there who are going to be helped by this beautiful and supportive resource.  For every Hollye order we take for this month we are going to donate 20 books to MD Anderson Breast Cancer Center to supply women in need with this fabulous resource.  Help us help you look fashionable with your Hollye and in turn help women whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. 

 Be sure to also go and view Hollye's amazing blog, The Silver Pen... where it all began.  And click here to order the book now.