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Alexandra KnightAlexandra Knight

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What is your favorite AK item and why?

Since I live and breathe AK Inc, I naturally favor it all, but rarely is there a day that I am not in my T-Strap Alligator Sandals - they get to be so comfortable, it's like walking on air. I own them in black, magenta and orange glaze alligator as well as in magenta lizard that I ordered to match my Stephanie Crossbody.  

My other favorites include my personalized iPad Cover in serpentine grey ostrich and my Knox in peacock teal matte alligator. 

What are your favorite items to gift?

Cuffs and Slimfold Wallets and...the next item I'll gift to myself is the Caroline in serpentine or grey matte alligator with a baby or power blue suede interior.

What are your top ten obsessions and what can you not live without and why?

I never feel more at peace with myself than when I am in Italy. I am blessed to be engaged to a Sicilian and could not be more thrilled that my future in-laws live there - I really will have a home there with people that I love and admire - couldn't ask for anything more!

My Job
It is truly rewarding to work for a company and product that you believe in and the level of customization and creativity that flies in and out of our office makes everything that much more fun. 

After visiting Fragonard perfumery in Eze, France years ago I have never looked for another scent. My staple is Eclat and I order it like clockwork along with their olive oil soaps

Laura Mercier 
The Secret Camouflage compacts hide and blend-in any blemish that might pop up and work miracles under the eye as well.  It's in my bag at all times! 

Between my fiancé, Luigi, and I we have four coffee/espresso makers in the house and surprisingly they all get used!  Our favorite is the Segafredo SZ01 Mini Professional for a quick yet amazing espresso, coffee or cappuccino.  Or if we have more time on our hands to boil the water, the traditional Italian Bialetti Moka Express pot.

I love listening to music and it has the power to change my mood in a matter of minutes.  I play everything from Canto della terra by Andrea Bocelli to Animals by Martin Garrix.

My dog, Luciano
He for sure thinks he is a human and is sneaky and sweet all at the same time. 

It's something that I cannot get enough of and rarely (well, probably more like never) turn down. 

Scarlet and Gold
Scarlet and Gold is the custom print house who did dual language calligraphy for my wedding invitations, programs, thank yous, etc... love them! 

He is truly the love of my life any my best friend - I never knew that I was capable of loving one person this much! The amount of patience and support that he has is admirable and I cannot even think of what my life what like without him. 

What does a day in the life at AK Inc look like for you?

Around 7:30-8am at home in my pajamas with a double espresso in tow I'll call our factory to go over our current bag orders and production schedules.

After that, I come into the office, which is a quaint and adorable cottage, and start to respond to sales inquiries, mail out swatches, design our sale page and Style File for the next week, go through upcoming alligator skin dye lots, review items with Alex and on and on we go....

What are some of your favorite behind-the-scenes moments?

It is especially fun when we receive packages from our factories because going through the big box feels like opening up gifts on Christmas morning - even though these gifts aren't for me!  It's so enjoyable to see the products that we have worked on, in some cases for weeks, finally come to fruition; and since we have so may different colors and combinations of skin everything seems like something new. 

Press inquiries and sending out for red carpets will always be a favorite too! 

What makes AK Inc unique and how do you fit in with that?

The unique nature of our line is unquestionable - giving the client creative freedom with their purchase inside and out while working with the designer.  AK Inc is also very flexible not only with its employees but also with our clients - we want to work around your needs and get you a finished product that you love.  (I even write poems for clients as sort of gift cards to gift people - love those!)

>I fit in for those same reasons - I crave creatively and I love brainstorming with clients.

What is your background? 

I'm a native Houstonian, attended Second Baptist and then darted off to Orange County, California where I earned a B.A. in Theatre Performance from Chapman University.  

I have always loved the arts and enjoy any place where I can get a creative outlet.  I spent six months studying Italian, Acting and Fashion Design in Florence and during my fashion studies there I had the opportunity to visit several factories and design studios and really feel in love.  After that, I moved back to Houston and began working for AK through a friend of a friend and found my home here.  Four and a half years and counting! 

 What is your favorite undiscovered place?

Isola d'Elba

Everyone goes to Capri and I get it, it's fabulous, but Elba is also so as it's very quaint, breathtaking, has diverse terrain and rich history. 


It's casual and everything on their menu is amazing - especially their pizzas!

What are two things that most people do not know about you?

I learned how to needlepoint at 13.

I've had an Oscar acceptance speech planned out for myself in my head for years. 

Guilty pleasure?

Frozen yogurt and chocolate, preferably together. 

Personal Mantra or quote that you carry with you? 

"This too shall pass." 


" not let the sun go down on your anger." - Eph. 4:26

Who is Tiffany Gabrielle Smith and why do we love her?

I am thrilled to introduce the fabulous Tiffany to all of you. She is the backbone of the company and I thought it would be fun for clients to put a face to the name and person they intrust there gifts, bags, credit cards and details with. Tiffany is the newly appointment Chief Operating Officer of Alexandra Knight Inc. but she has been the "chief" in our family for years. She is the sister I have never had and thinks of the answers before I ask the question. She is thoughtful, kind, a master organizer, empathetic and a large part of this company and an even bigger part of our lives and family. 

Her OCD makes my office and home heaven, her humor makes me get through the tough days and her love for my boys and business makes her a goddess in my book!