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Alexandra KnightAlexandra Knight

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Where are your summer destinations this year?

A trip to Italy in June with my mom and four sisters to visit some of my dad's relatives (we haven't taken a trip together since grammar school)...and our annual August pilgrimage to Hawaii (Oahu and The Big Island). 

What AK item will you have in tow?

Definitely bringing my new python St. Tropez sandals (because I am either barefoot or in sandals in Hawaii) and my new favorite AK Hunting Tote (I carry everything with me at all times and I am a sucker for a zip top beach bag).  

What are your three summer essentials?

Taffin ceramic and diamond "Minnie Tate" bracelet

James de Givenchy is so talented and I never take it off. 

Frescobol Carioca Leblon beach bats

My kids are always active at the beach and we always bring these chic handmade bats from Brazil with customized grips for games on the beach.

New cookbooks

Loving Donna Hay and looking forward to preparing some things from her new book "Fresh and Light" this summer.  Should be a good addition to "Seasons" and "Classic."  We always have a nice Saturday or Sunday family BBQ lunch. 


Where are your summer destinations this year?

Beirut, Berlin, Vienna, Paris and Capri! 

What AK item will you have in tow?

I will live in my Alligator Birkenstocks  and always have a cache of Alligator Alexandra Knight gifts with me when I am traveling as everyone loves something exotic and small like card cases or jotters - they are always useful and received with pleasure. 

What are your three summer essentials?

Kale, Kaftans and Knight bags.

Where are your summer destinations this year?

We will be spending most of our summer in Paris, London and San Francisco - all fantastic cities to walk in!  Justin and I will be running around with our two boys, who are 6 and 7, and joining family there as well. 

What AK item will you have in tow?

I just ordered the Stephanie and am so excited.  Chic, functional crossbody by day (for museums, marketplaces and sightseeing) and elegant clutch by night (for when Justin and I can sneak away for a date night).  So easy (and Alexandra Knight fabulous) to have both in one fantastic bag!  Especially great when trying to travel light without compromise.  Win, win! 

What are your three summer essentials?

My family

This is our time to regroup, enjoy one another and become inspired for the coming year.

Avene Cicalfate restorative cream

Sunscreen (of course!)

Skinceuticals has a new SPF 50 eye cream which I love.  Two years ago, I asked them to make this product, and they did! 

Where are your summer destinations this year?

I am kicking off the summer with a trip to Mii amo spa in Sedona.  Then, our family is going to Turks & Caicos for a fun getaway for one of my best friend's 40th birthday.  We will be going to Southampton to spend time with some of my favorite friends for a few weeks and then the boys and I are taking a road trip back to Texas with fun stops in Washington, D.C., Blackberry Farm in Tennessee and wandering down the coastline and exploring Southern beach towns. 

What AK item will you have in tow?

I am arming myself with tons of host/hostess gifts for all my Southampton parties.  Alligator Loose Leaf Paper Boxes with monogrammed paper and a pen is always a fun gift you would not buy yourself and St. Tropez Sandals coupled with a fun color of Butter nail polish.  I have been living in my Alligator Havaianas - I really balked at the concept of plastic with alligator, but they are sooooo comfy and perfect for the beach and the pool.  

My French Market Tote is my go-to bag for everything - farmer's market, beach, lunch - it goes where I go!  And my alligator Hollye Crossbody will be perfect for D.C. and hands free sight-seeing!  I am loving the new alligator color Miller and can carry it into the Fall as well! 

What are your three summer essentials?

Beauty products! 

I am living for all Aerin products!  Chic packaging and fabulous product. My Yellow Ikat Beauty Bag filled up with my favorite summer essential goodies such as Rose Balm, Rose Lip Conditioner, Beach Cream and the Bronze Illuminating Powder and Gold Travel Comb ... little fabulous items that really give you a summer boost! It makes the perfect gift to generous friends as well!

 Dying to get my hands on some Lola Hats as well from Aerin's Southampton Store....


 I might need a 12 step program......I am slightly obsessed with this game and it goes everywhere with me. It is a fabulous way to spend time with family and friends.  

Cashmere Travel Wrap

My Josphine and Laurentina Cashmere Travel wrap is a must for blasting a/c on planes and cool breezy nights on the beach.