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Alexandra KnightAlexandra Knight

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What is your favorite AK item and why?

If I could choose an item from AK I would choose the Hunting Tote in camouflage. I go to Flywheel after work most nights so I tend to bring my work out clothes to work. I need a chic bag that can go work, to the gym and then to dinner!


What are your top 10 latest obsessions and what can you not live without and why?

Dr. Colbert Illumino Oil and Dr. Colbert himself

My skin saver.

Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray 

The travel size fits in my clutch.

Sweet Greens juice from Organic Avenue 

Every morning.

Flybarre class at FlyWheel 

4 days a week - I finally have a BUTT!

Pret-a-Surf tank rashguard

I wear it spinning at FlyWheel. Since it's quick dry I don't leave the class dripping wet like everyone else. YUCK!

TRIAD facial at NY Dermatology

Lauren is the best! I get one of these once a month in the summer to save my skin from not only the sun but the - SUNSCREEN.

ESPN ScoreCenter App

When I can't watch a sporting event I can go to my Gamecaster App and at least get live stream scores (i.e. right now I am "watching" Wimbledon at work).

Gillian Flynn

I was obsessed with the book "Gone Girl" and now I am equally addicted to "Dark Places." Next up is "Sharp Objects." I have to read during the day as I get too scared reading alone at night.

Ashley Javier and my new BLONDE hair

Ashley "The Hair Tyrant" has been my hair stylist for 10+ years now and I never know what I will look like leaving his Parlor. Recently he gave me blonde highlights and now I know why they say "Blondes have more FUN".


I have been going to my friend Omar Hernandez's private club/restaurant since its opening a year ago. It is like my own CHEERS - where "everyone knows my name" (and my drink!). Mark Noonan is the bartender there and he makes the best drinks in the city!

Tell us about Pret-a-Surf and how it started....

 Pret-a-Surf started in 2010. My best friend Karen Mulligan and I were having a miserable summer out East. I had broken my foot and she had lyme disease. We were feeling sorry for ourselves because we couldn't do anything. We booked a surf trip for the following Christmas and were eager to find chic surf wear. When we couldn't find anything we decided why not design our own.

What is your philosophy when it comes to Pret-a-Surf?

We love fashion and we love sports. We want to look like a girl while playing with the boys. Pret-a-Surf is a line where the beach meets the street. All of our pieces can be worn in the water and as Ready to Wear. As we say Pret-a-Surf is READY TO WEAR, READY TO SURF.

What is next for Pret-a-Surf? Anything new & exciting to tell? 

Our second collaboration with J.CREW just hit stores this month. We are very excited to be working with them again. We are showing our new Resort 15 line now. It will be in stores in November. We decided to take a detour from the primary color wheel we usually use. You will see a bright blue and FUSCHIA in our new line. And just wait until Spring/Summer 15...we take the color experimentation even further.

What are your favorite items in your line?

The line that is in stores now is one of my favorites. We use this gorgeous toile print. My favorite bikini is the yellow and navy toile string bikini and I would pair it with the navy/red toile zip front short sleeve rashie.

Where are your favorite places to surf?

Karen is the real surfer of the two of us. I am more of a beach bum. But I do always wear a rash guard in the ocean so I can body surf without fear of losing my top.

When does your online store open?


We are currently selling old inventory on and it is going very well. We have discounted inventory on the site and hope to add some newer pieces this Fall.


Tell us about your job at Vogue, what do you do and how do you do both?

I am the Entertainment Editor at Vogue Magazine. I have been at Vogue for 16 years this month (crazy huh?). I book all the celebrity covers and inside features. I have always been a great multi-tasker. I swear I can do 3 things at one time. I use my evenings and weekends to work with Karen on Pret. When you love what you do it never feels like work.


Best Advice you have ever received?

Be PATIENT. I have yet to take it though....oops.


Personal Mantra or quote you tote around with you?

Never take life too seriously. No one gets out ALIVE. That was my high school yearbook quote and my Mom was so mad. "You are a FATALIST," she said. "I'm a realist," I replied.

What is your background?

Just a girl from Public School in Boston.

What are two things that most people don't know about you?

I am a MASSHOLE. Which means I am obnoxious when watching any Boston sports teams (I think everyone knows this though).

I am best friends with my six-year-old niece Ellie Bear.

What are your favorite apps on your iPhone or iPad?

NESN, ESPN, Destiny Cards, LevelUp and Instagram

What is your favorite undiscovered place?

Sean Largotta's new rooftop lounge called BAR HUGO in the Hugo Hotel. Shhhhhh.

Who is Jill Demling and why do we love her?

  I first met Jill when I worked at Vogue when she was the first assistant to Anna Wintour, the gate keeper, if you will. She was one of the nicer gate keepers and made all of that multi-tasking look effortless and enjoyable. She deservedly got promoted to Entertainment Editor where she thrives today and is in charge of securing all of the celebrity covers and interior shoots and profiles for Vogue. So just when she has a full plate that of course makes perfect sense to go start your own company!?! YES. 

Jill is driven and fun. She and Karen are like sisters and they are always a fun treat to see when I am in the city or out in the Hamptons. Thank god they had the drive to bring chic silhouettes to surfing. As a mom of three avid surfers this is mandatory to me. I love celebrating independent business women and Jill has accomplished enough for a big ole party!

Before her current position, Jill grew up in Boston and relocated to Los Angeles after college to pursue a career in entertainment, at which point she landed a full time position at CAA (Creative Artists Agency) as the shared third assistant to power agents Bryan Lourd and Kevin Huvane. 

Then came Vogue, and then came Pret-a-Surf....

While shopping for a surfboard and clothing for surf camp in Costa Rica, Jill (and her business partner, Karen) were frustrated by the lack of product in the market place.  Nothing met all of their needs - fit, function and fashion. They decided to tap into their creativity, leverage their knowledge of sports, fashion and the arts and create a line that they, and women like them, would want.

The result was the creation of a surf line for the woman who is active and wants to look good while playing and competing. The Pret-a-Surf woman is one who wears a couture ball gown at night and a sensuous bikini by day. With a production team in New York City, Pret-a-Surf launched its debut line in May 2010. On the way: scented surfboard wax, made-to-order surfboards, Pret-a-Sport for tennis, Pret-a-Snow for skiing and snowboarding, and Pret-a-Storage for those cute bags to hold all of the above.