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Alexandra KnightAlexandra Knight

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What is your favorite AK product and why?

I am a huge fan of the cuffs. It is an easy way to add a lot of style to your outfit! 

I am coveting the small Knox in black and white matte python! It is so me.

What are your top ten latest obsessions?

Nespresso Coffee
Every morning, 3 shots

 Burt's Bees 
Guava Lip Shimmer 

Elta MD UV Daily Broad Spectrum SPF 45
I love the way it feels

Chicken Lemongrass Soup from Local Foods 
I'm addicted

Old fashioned day timer where I can see my weekly schedule, time managed by the hour...on paper.  I don't think I will ever make the transition to using my iPhone calendar

Being on time

Hermes Jardin en Mediterranee perfume for summer and Hermes Caleche for winter

Ideal Protein Chocolate Drink Mix every morning

Anderson Cooper

Weekly blow-outs

What are your top five prized possessions?

  1. Peridot ring from Queen of Heirs where I always find great estate pieces
  2. My family farm located between Winedale and Shelby
    It has been in the family for 45 years
  3. Antique French settee in my living room
    It fits perfectly in my mirrored wall niche that I created
  4. My design business 
  5. My family, however, I hardly possess them

Do you have a personal mantra or quote that you tote around with you? 

I have several mantras but the ones that I utilize on a daily basis "would be work now and play later" and "work hard, play hard."

What are you favorite beauty products?

I use G.M. Collin Sensiderm Cleansing Milk to clean my face, and sometimes Origins Plantscription Lotion Tonique

I use C-Firma from Drunk Elephant, G. M. Collin moisturizer and Drunk Elephant eye serum

At night I use the Glycolic by Drunk Elephant and alternate with G.M. Collin Retinol Advanced Matrixyl q 10

I use Elta sunscreen and Drunk Elephant Umbra sunscreen

I have always had several brands going on at once.  I seem to have a hard time stream lining. 

For day time make-up I use Origins VitaZing SPF 15 Energy-Boosting Moisturizer with Mangosteen, and Guerlain Maxi Lash Volume Creating Curl Sculpting Mascara.

Where do you go to escape?

I go to my office at my farm. It has a great view of the field with a 10' window in front of my desk.  My office is very peaceful, so I can get tons of work done there. And, my husband makes sure I have plenty of bath salts from La Taste for my end of the day soak.

What can be found on your nightstand?

The Whole-Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Pen and paper for late night ideas, and a large wicker carafe for water.

How did Kathy Jacomini Masterson Design start?

I worked for my mother, Beverly Jacomini, at her legendary company, Jacomini Interior Design, Inc. for 12 years.  When my mother retired from her design business, I naturally decided to go out on my own.  I started KJM in 2008, and it has been really rewarding ever since.  My architect, Michael Meller, started working for Jacomini right out of college when I was just a kid, so it's really great that we have been able to continue our family business relationship together at KJM. 

What projects are you currently working on? 

An old Spanish fortress in River Oaks. The house is surrounded by brick walls. 

An outdoor patio in Aspen with outdoor kitchen, seating and fire pit area. 

A Polo ranch in Navasota with four worker cottages, a main house, guest house, bunk house, pool house, stables with stable offices and apartments. 

A small fix up at the Willowick condominium. 

Law offices planned to be in the new Hines building on San Felipe. 

...And various other on-going jobs around town where we seem to always be adding or changing things. 

What is on the horizon for KJM? 

I will continue to decorate houses, offices, and do consultation work. I particularly enjoy the consultation work, especially when I am crazy busy on other, more complex projects. Design consultation is when someone hires me for time so that I can share all of my ideas about how to solve their design problems, or provide vendor/contact information in order to get a job done. 

In the "old days" vendor and special contact information was considered to be sacred and never to be divulged, but the times have changed and rarely anything remains sacred in the design world.  For me, it's more about helping people accomplish their goals. I offer a turn-key service in which I have all of the tools and contacts. It's amazing how much one can get accomplished at their home or office by utilizing this valuable service.

What is your philosophy when it comes to interior design? 

Pay the professional and get it done right the first time; it will save you money in the end.  Remember that form follows function; all design should be functional. If you don't pay attention to these basic principles, then it's not going to be right. Design with a purpose by layering with color and texture - it's a delight for the eye. However, when all else fails, just keep it simple! And never reflect your own style in your design work. It's not about you (the designer), it's about the client! It's the designer's job to make the client's vision a reality, and tweak where needed.

What is one of your favorite projects?

I had a large remodel a few years ago where I was the general contractor and the designer. This job was involved and elaborate, which is what made it very exciting.  I was given a lot of creative leeway by my adventurous client. I always enjoy designing and fabricating my own products, which I did quite a bit of on this particular job. Just a few examples would be the metal trees that I designed with United Metalsmiths for the dining room, a Parsons style sofa table with a blue "malachite" finish by Decorative Arts/Milam & Co., Inc., and a custom upholstered corner banquette for the living area. I design and build my furniture 90% of the time and only purchase about 10%.

Where do you work and where would you be willing to work?

I work everywhere and will go pretty much anywhere that I am needed. I do not have any geographical restrictions when it comes to travel. I have done jobs in Nantucket, Galveston, Santa Fe, Austin, Aspen, Navasota, Denver, and New York. Once I did a job in Bermuda all via internet and floorplan. I did not actually see the finished product until it came out in a magazine.

What charity's do you support? 


Scenic Houston - Their mission is to preserve and enhance the visual character of Houston.  

Friends of Winedale - A Texas tax-exempt, non-profit corporation that raises funds for the restoration and maintenance of Winedale's historic properties.

What is a day in the life of Kathy Masterson? 

I start my day with Nespresso. Then I sit down to write out the daily schedule for the family on a dry erase board. I lay out the dinner menu, carpool and after school activities.  Then I begin the 50 minute marathon panic of facilitating 3 kids getting ready to go out the door by 7 AM. If I have time for a run, I hit the track, if not, then I go straight to my ideal protein shake. 

Every work day is different, which is one of the reasons I love what I do. Some days I am in my office all day (rarely), but most days I am in my office for about half day doing purchase orders, pulling fabrics or paint colors, writing Estimates, drawing, and then out and about on appointments, shopping, researching, checking on jobs, and meeting with vendors. I never have a sit down lunch, which is why I keep my car console packed with protein bars and snacks. I also travel with the largest stainless steel canteen that Whole Earth Provisions has to offer, for my water. 

I try to get to P.H.I.T. at least twice a week to lift weights because I feel it is important to stay strong. I am usually ready to wrap up my day by 6:30.  My office is in my garage apartment, so I do not have a long commute to the kitchen for dinner! Then I transition to "study hall" with my kids. It is time we set aside (when we are able) to do workbooks, flash cards, etc.  My third grade twin boys enjoy this.

Who is Kathy Jacomini Masterson and why do we love her? 

In the spirit of us always looking to introduce you to more and more entrepreneurs that we love we stumbled across Kathy who is certainly worth talking about. Her non-stop work ethic, attention to detail, years of experience and eye for greatness in her design business makes her one that we just had to lift up and celebrate.

Kathy was born and raised in Houston, Texas and has moved around only about 5 miles from her childhood house. She has a background in psychology, sociology and philosophy, all of which come into play with her design work on a daily basis in working with her clients. She graduated from The University of Texas at Austin and then had her mother recruit her to come work for her. Having a strong family influence in design, it was very natural and easy for her to follow her creative path. It's in her blood and clicked instantly.


Kathy can be reached by phone at (713) 725-2177, or via email at  for any and all of your interior design needs.